Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where are the black and missing?

I wanted to feature this wonderful site that keeps us aware of many missing people in the black community that usually don't get the public mention in the news. Everyday a young minority child goes missing. (not just black, asian, hispanic, ect..). I find the media picks an chooses what will be that sensationlistic story, as opposed to helping a family find their loved ones.

The site, "" provides us with this information. In the age of blogging, this is one medium that can help find these kids, adults that go unreported in our news, and somehow making their lives less significant.

Awhile back I mentioned Mitrice Richardson, who was released from a police station in the middle of the night, with no money, no car, and obviously no one who gave a damn about her in the police department, well this young lady, is "still missing."

Have you even seen any AP news or Reuters news reports about her? Sadly the LAPD department (like many other urban area law enforcement areas), just viewed Mitrice as another black person, with no money, which equals no rights.

Where are the black and missing, well not on the cover of your local newspaper, that's for sure.

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Nancy said...

Please assist in a Letter/Petition campaign for a Federal Investigation in Mitrice's case. The link for our petition is below. Thank You, - Nancy Lockhart