Saturday, October 31, 2009

York Pennsylvania, First black Mayor elected

York Pennsylvania was a city that has survived many racial milestones. Democrat and Republican candidates are African-American, with Democrat Kim Bracey, York's former director of community development and a relative newcomer to politics, the favorite to win in a city where Democratic voters outnumber Republicans by nearly 2 to 1. In 1969 their was the tragic murder of a white police officer and and African-American woman. This incident cause much rioting and unrest in the city.

In 2001, York's mayor, who had been a police officer during the unrest, was charged with murder for allegedly inciting white gangs involved in killing the African-American woman. The mayor resigned before being acquitted in 2002. Others were convicted of murder, in separate cases, of the woman and the police officer.

So here we are in 2009, and we have two candidates that are black. York is known as one of the poorest cities in Pennsylvania. The new Mayor will indeed have her share of challenges.

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