Monday, November 09, 2009

Katt Williams- Tell the Truth. Are U on Crack?

Why the heck would an established entertainer with so much in their future ruin it? The "Wild 'N Out" cast member, is in custody at a facility in Coweta County,
The Associated Press, states, Williams is expected to go before a judge on Monday afternoon (November 9) to answer to charges. The "Wild 'N Out" alumnus, who has made appearances in movies alongside Ice Cube and Eddie Murphy, is in custody at a facility in Coweta County, Georgia. A representative with the prison would only confirm to MTV News that Williams was being held on felony and misdemeanor charges. Georgia. 

 I mean is it for attention? Are they bored? I mean there are other ways to cure boredom. I think he needs a psychological evaluation. I am serious. Lately we seem to have so many entertainers who I believe the combination of the pressure of the job and life are taking a toll on them. Of course some were on the "other side" of the law before they became famous and doing some of the same (sad to say) illegal activities. 

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