Monday, November 09, 2009

20 gang raped this girl near my location, no one helped

I know by now many of you have read the story of the 15 year old that was gang raped outside the high school in Richmond California. I don't know if any of my readers have any religious affliations, but I do. If this is not a sign of the last days, I don't know what is. 

How have our children evolved so much that they can callously (not to mention even participate) in a rape of a young girl who just turned 15. Did these young boys not have sisters? mothers? aunts? grandmothers?

There were as many as 10 people who participated in the Oct. 24 attack on the girl in a dimly lit courtyard on campus. The school dance was going on in the high school. The victim was found naked and semi-conscious after the nearly two-hour assault.
Investigators believe as many as 20 people may have watched the rape without calling police. I have a friend who knows the family. Immediately there were members of that family who wanted swift justice, thankfully calmer heads prevailed. You can't fight violence with violence.

Today a 6th suspect was picked up and charged. Contra Costa County prosecutors According to a  1999 California law. it is illegal not to report a witnessed crime against a child, but the law applies only to children 14 and under.filed rape charges against five others, ranging in age from 15 to 21. Time for this and MANY other laws to be revised.

Source: CNN NEWS

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