Friday, November 16, 2007

Jena Six case sparks march on DC
Marchers surrounded the Justice Department headquarters on Friday to demand federal intervention in the "Jena Six" case and enforcement of hate crimes against those who hang nooses in public.


Is this 1963 all over again?


proudredman said...

It is quite rediculous that the demand has been made for noose hanging to be a hate crime while in the same breath they dont think that six black boys beating on one white boy should not be concidered a hate crime. Where is the intellegence in this group? In the noose incidents no physical harm was done, however in the jena six case a boy was harmed, but because he was white and the perpetrators were black lets just sweep it under the rug. Where is the equality in that? Is that not what the black communities nation wide have been saying they wanted, equality. Or is it that they want to be able to do whatever they want without being held accountable just because they were born black. What makes you poeple so special, you are not the only people to be persecuted by whites, yet you poeple are the only ones who use it as an excuse to continue to be violent towards other cultures. I feel if its okay for blacks to gang up on whites, then it should be fair for whites to gang up on blacks. After all turn about is fair play. If hanging nooses is a hate crime, then so are the crimes commited by the jena six and they should be punished accordingly!!

iriegal said...

I appreciate your comment..

I posted your comment so that people can see that indeed indeed spell check and grammar is lost to some people.

Have a wonderful day.

BTW..We celebrated Veterans Day and all the "YOU PEOPLE" were recognized for their contributions to this great country.
The only "proudredman" I know were the Native American Indians

Are you Native American Indian?