Friday, March 14, 2008

Chinese Guns Sales Contributed to Carnage In Darfur

Chinese sales of assault rifles and other small arms to its ally
Sudan have grown rapidly during the Darfur conflict despite a U.N. arms embargo, a human rights group said on Thursday.

A study by the Human Rights First, stated that China was the sole supplier of small arms to the Sudan (which pays for the weapons with its oil revenue).

Who is paying for China's unconcern is most
definitely Sudan's Darfar. They don't know or care about what are the internal issues going on in that area. So more death, disease and of course dislocation. The Human Rights group called on Bejjing to stop the sales. They have also pressured other countries to link this to the Bejjing Olympics.

For more on
Bejjing's response to this check out- Yahoo News

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