Friday, March 07, 2008

The Fun Is Over The Fight Is On

Barack Obama's run for the presidency is not y over, but it's a little deflated. He has to focus on the fight. For now, the fun is over. I liken it to the Baseball team that had that run going. They were 7 games up in the series. Everyone was routing for them (even some fans that were not part of their homestate). Then the slanderous videos started. Soon the team's confidence got shaken a little.

Well, this isn't a baseball run, but Obama has to take Clinton's seriously. I am not mentioning (Whitewater) but it seems that the Clintons have taken on the "By All Means Necessary," stance.
When Clinton states she has had experience in Foreign affairs, I wonder if she was specifically dealing with the "Lewinsky" matter. As far as I can see visiting a foreign country, when you are standing by your husband's side, does not count.

Obama needs to understand 11 primary victories doesn't make the campaign. He still has to increase that lead to clinch the delegates he needs to claim victory. Hillary Clinton's tireless campaigning was probably the key to her victories this week, in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island.

So I feel fight fire with fire. A man who has 4 years experience in office can bring about a new perspective to the issues in this country, then someone who has been in office longer but still doesn't grasp the issues. If Hillary wins we don't have one president, we have two. Barack is running against "The Clinton's." Once her realizes that, and emphasizes that point to his supporters I feel things will change for him.

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