Friday, June 20, 2008

Iriegal Joins World Refugee Day-6/20


I will be posting this on two of my blogs. World Refugee Day has actually been celebrated for many years by many countries and regions. First off I want to thank Wayne Hicks, over at Electronic Village for really allowing me to keep up with the Afrospear and all its collective areas. My blog here is just one aspect of my who I am. ( I have 12 and each one represents a portion of who Iriegal really is).

So many other bloggers out there give me the full scope of life in their own "blackworld." Combined we get to share such a wonderful wealth of information and unity. I am just loving it.

I want to just acknowledge the courage and resilience of all the refugees. To leave ones country and try to establish life elsewhere is not easy. (my parents did it, but they were not displaced, it was their choice). I also want us to keep in our prayers those who did not make it. Please remember Darfur an the people who are suffering daily. It is estimated that 9 million children are currently displaced around the world. Those are staggering figures.

This is the United States State Departments take on what "World Refugee Day" is.

World Refugee Day...

The United States, on June 20th, will join the international community in observing World Refugee Day, taking time to acknowledge the persecution and suffering experienced by those driven from their homes. Our commitment to protecting and assisting refugees is deep and abiding, part of our nation’s history, and it goes to the very core of our values. We remain committed to protecting and developing durable solutions for refugees worldwide.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has made refugee protection the theme of this year’s events. All refugees should have access to basic life-sustaining assistance, including shelter, food, water, sanitation, health, and nutrition.

The United States government is proud to be the leading donor of refugee assistance, contributing more than $1 billion dollars a year to support multilateral efforts to help alleviate the suffering of more than 36 million people worldwide including refugees, internally displaced people, and other victims of conflict.

The United States has resettled more refugees than all other countries in the world combined, historically and in the present. More than 2.7 million refugees have been welcomed into the United States since 1975, making tremendous contributions throughout our country through their talents, hard work, and creativity.

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