Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Erykah Badu's Growing Baby Daddy List

Erykah Badu is definetly doing her own thing. She was quoted in a response to Okayplayer.com, regarding her recent announcement of another baby by rapper Jay Electronica, "I am a great mother and caregiver to my two children, and to this world," Badu wrote. "My children are two of the kindest and happiest people I have met ... I am their doctor and their nurse, and even sometimes their mother and their father. I am an excellent mother and resent all of the negative comments and insults on my character."

She continues her response with an explanation of her relationships with Andre and D.O.C., explaining that she didn't go into each situation lightly, before asking how having a child out of wedlock is better than marrying and then later divorcing.

Erykah Badu and Jay Electronica

Now I am not one to criticize but if you have to be mother and daddy to your kids and fathers "ARE" in the picture then why not just go to a sperm bank? Why choose a flesh and blood person if procreation is the intention of your relationship.

Her comment about having a child out of marriage is better then marrying and divorcing is simply a crazy ass statement. First off I don't think people enter into marriage with the purpose of divorcing. I think bringing a child into the world should be a conscious choice. Though divorced, I believe in the institution of marriage. I love the thought of having a soulmate (note I did not make that plural) for the rest of my life. To find that special someone, I feel is ultimately the culmination of a wonderful relationship.


Regina said...

I like a select few of her songs, but I always thought she was a little...special/different!

clnmike said...

"Why choose a flesh and blood person if procreation is the intention of your relationship."

Thats a good point, I hate to say it but she really is a bad role model when it come to mother hood.

These are intentional decisions she is making that affect her kids.

Janet Shan said...

Like you, I am not one to criticize, but she is sending a really bad message that it is okay to go around having kids for different men, not to mention practicing unsafe sex. The same holds true for P. Diddy, or whatever he calls himself these days. What is crazy is that these people call themselves role models. My question is to who? Nice blog fellow yaadie!

channon said...

if your children have to look at famous people for role models then shame on the parents

Anonymous said...

People please look @ the time frame to which she had her children! & just like people don't marry to divorce, some folk don't plan pregnancies in relationships either but they do happen! To say she isn't a good role mother to her children is just ignorant! Some of the most selfish, unrighteous people come from 2 parent, married for years, parents, whose conditoning messed it up for their kids! Many women who had many relationships are not taggged or targeted cause they didn't keep the reminders, the children, that are the beautiful reults of a relationship gon sour!