Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Christine Beatty Rejects Plea Deal

Christine Beatty has turned down two deals, one that called for 60 days in jail and another that required 150 days behind bars after the first offer expired Thursday, Assistant Prosecutor Robert Spada said.

Beatty, (if you recall was the mistress of Kilpatrick) and Kilpatrick denied an affair during testimony last year in a lawsuit filed by former police officers. But sexually explicit text messages published by the Detroit Free Press contradicted the denials.

She is opting for a trial. I personally think she should take the deal. A trial can bring up things you don't want disclosed.

Source: Mlive.com


Anonymous said...

The Mayor was in a position of authority over her, he abused his authority and obtained sexual favors from her, at a time when she was a political appointee whose livelihood depended on the whim of the Mayor, and the Mayor's misconduct resulted in adverse employment action being taken against her, i.e. arrested, charged, etc.
That is the definition of sexual harassment.

This is a true sexual harassment case and I think Christine Beatty should sue the city, county, and the Mayor for sexual harassment and back pay that should be owed her. I'm a white suburban woman and I'm sick over what is happening to Christine Beatty.

Regina said...

I don't believe that Consensual sex and sexual harassment are the same. She was free to turn down his advances at any time. She could have sued him, she could have reported him, she could have gotten another job, she could have done a ton of things differently. She DID NOT have to have an affair with him, she CHOSE to have an affair with him. And then she lied about it! Her own conduct resulted in her adverse employment situation.
She should have just taken a deal.