Friday, October 24, 2008

Condolences to Jennifer Hudson and Her Family

Darnell Hudson-Donnerson

I guess by now everyone has heard of the tragedy that has happened to Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer Hudson’s mother, Darnell Hudson-Donnerson and her brother Jason Hudson were both shot and killed in Chicago this morning. Neighbors reported hearing the gun shots, but didn’t think anything about it.

It wasn’t until later in the afternoon that a family member discovered the body of Jennifer Hudson’s mother on the living room floor.

Chicago Police listed Julia’s husband, William Balfour as the primary suspect. He is reportedly in custody but Julian wasn’t with him and he hasn’t been charged with anything - yet. It’s been noted that he is on parole, after serving time on an attempted murder charge..

William Balfour (suspect) has the baseball hat on

And Jennifer’s nephew, Julian is still missing.

An amber alert is in effect for the whereabouts of Julian
Ominously, TMZ says Julia may be missing as well. She is a bus driver, worked her shift today and hasn’t been seen since.

Jennifer Hudson is on her way to Chicago. We are all praying for both Julia and her son Julian.

Her Brother Jason

and her missing nephew Julian

Source: Ap News


Best Franchise Opportunities said...

well this is really bad.

Hey Shae! said...

I hate to bring it up, but I worry about the boy missing for so long. Police usually say after 24 hours the outcome is pretty grim. If that Balfour dude is the right guy, he needs to get the death penalty. This is mass murder. :(