Saturday, January 03, 2009

Mark Ingram Arrested

How far did he think he was going? I mean when you fail to report to a Federal Prison, a bounty is usually placed on your head. Well, that is what happened to Ex New York Giants Mark Ingram.

U.S. marshals tracked the retired wide receiver to a hotel room in Flint, Mich., after a manhunt that began when he failed to turn up at a federal prison in Kentucky on Dec. 5.

A spokesman for the Marshals Service in New York, Timothy Hogan, said Ingram was arrested Friday without incident. The hotel wasn't far from Ingram's home in Grand Blanc, Mich. Ingram will travel to New York, where he was prosecuted, to face charges related to his flight.

I don't know why he fled. The sad thing is that happened right before his son was to play a game

a matchup between Alabama and Utah. So sad his son had to hear that before his game.

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