Friday, May 01, 2009

Racial disparities persist in higher-paying jobs

I know many of you are looking at this title and saying, "here we go again," someone always trying to bring up the "past." Sadly, this is not the past. I don't know why many people felt having a black President in office was going to solve the racial divide in America.

The Associated Press ran this article which shows the findings from an intense study done by the Joint Center or Political and Economic Studies. Rodrick Harrison, (a demographer) states, "The lesson of most economic downturns is minorities are the last hired, first fired. They lose jobs more quickly, and they will be the last to recover.

Blacks overall slightly narrowed the gap in 2007 with whites in average salary, but the pay disparity widened for blacks with college degrees. Blacks who had a four-year bachelor's degree earned $46,502, or about 78 percent of the salary for comparably educated whites.

If you are trying to keep up with the "JONESES" forget it. Unless of course your name is Jones.

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