Monday, July 20, 2009

Foxy Brown700,000 dollars in back taxes

I am baffled. Why would people who make so much money not understand that does not make them exempt from paying taxes? I mean for someone who just came out of jail, why would you not clear up a situation that might put you back in jail?

According to Bet Entertainment, her tax offense might land her right back in jail. I think many entertainers feel they are unreproachable. I know the IRS monitors every thing they do. Now us poor lay folks, the minute we miss citing two cents on our income tax return, then hear comes "DA MAN."


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Hey Shae! said...

You would think the new generation of musicians would have learned from the musicians from back in the day. Owing back taxes, driving with no insurance or license, not paying your mortgage, all that is just lazy. Sign your own checks and pay your own bills if you have to. Or at the very least, fire people who aren't on top of their game. Now Foxy's case may be different, she may not have bounced back from jail... but that's still her fault too. Just sad.