Thursday, July 16, 2009

Steve McNair Remembered

The opening sermon by Mount Zion Baptist Church Bishop Joseph Walker III on Thursday night, stated, " The next time you write about Steve McNair, drop your stone,” a reference to Jesus’ quote about those without sin.

Yes Steve McNair was undoubtedly a man who had man character flaws, but he was also someones child, husband (Mechele) , and father. On Wednesday(July 4th), police said Kazemi, 20, was driven to the murder-suicide by a combination of financial woes and jealous fear that McNair had another mistress. McNair suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head in downtown Nashville.

We have just buried Michael Jackson, a man who undoubtedly led a very troubled life as well. My friend the other day asked why are we "celebrating" these people in our community who have brought shame. SHAME? Michael Jackson? Shame being a pioneer to many artist in the music industry? Steve McNair? SHAME?In the balance of McNair's life, McNair’s good deeds far exceeded his mistakes. Ask anyone in the Nashville who has benefited from his generosity.

The choices we make in life is just that - CHOICES! If these people were just ordinary folks we wouldn't be lambasting them for having their life (private) out in the public, we wouldn't be talking about it at all.

So today I remember that Steve McNair was a great Quarterback. I share the sentiments of his the Tennessee Titans owner, Bud Adams Jr. "He played with unquestioned heart and leadership and led us to places that we had never reached, including our only Super Bowl. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family as they deal with his untimely passing."

Like Michael Jackson I was not privileged to know the "Personal Life," of these men, but appreciate the contributions they made to their respective crafts.

My prayers to his wife and children

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