Friday, January 04, 2008

T.I. Becoming a Dad again.

Well i guess I would be popping those little ones out as well. I mean I am just saying. He is facing some serious jail time. I don't see him popping out no ring though.

The politically incorrect reported that the mom, Tameka Cottle aka as "Tiny" stated on her myspace she is indeed pregnant and it is a boy. Well, that is one way to keep the bankroll moving. T.I. who is currently on house arrest had no comment.Tiny is out on bail facing charges for ecstasy and marijuana use and possession.



Goodness, Tiny should get an amnio seeing as how she was on those E-pills etc...i don't know. That's not really a conducive atmosphere to bring ANOTHER kid in, but congrats on bringing a new life into the world.

(((Hey Darkchild)))

Happy New Year's!

CW said...

Yeah...Where's the ring T I ...or TIP?